MUTANT MASS 15LBS (6800gr)


They can help improve sporting and gym performance, recovery from exercise, protein balance, and lead to muscle hypertrophy

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An all-new version of Mutant’s mass gainer Mutant Mass has shown up, which looks like the supplement we’ve seen the brand tease over the past few weeks. As promised, the internationally available product has been given a completely new look as well as a completely new formula.

Nutrition profile
Overall, the new Mutant Mass is still a heavy mass protein supplement, built to help users get in over 1,000 calories from a shake. Macro-wise the product is much the same, with a nutrition profile of 56g of protein, 12g of fat (half saturated), 192g of carbohydrates with 18g of that sugar and 6g fiber, for a total of 1,100 calories.

Mutant Mass fans will know those number are just a pinch different from the previous version, packing 4g more protein, 10g more carbs, slightly less fat, and 40 more calories. The nutrition department is of course not the only place things have changed for Mutant Mass, as the gainer does also have a new blend of ingredients providing those macros.