Designed to target every aspect of recovery, lean muscle growth, strength, speed and essential nutrient replenishment,

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Award winning, best-tasting shake ever created
Mixes easily with no clumping
Increase lean muscle mass
Spike Insulin hormone for increased nutrient absorption
Prevent muscle catabolism
Dramatically enhance quickness of muscle recovery
Reduce extent of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
Suppress Cortisol hormone elevation
Strengthen immune system function
Replenish muscle glycogen stores
Enhance Cell Volumization


INTEK POST WORKOUT EVOLUTION is a unique formula that puts everything your body needs after training all into one container. Designed to target every aspect of recovery, lean muscle growth, strength, speed and essential nutrient replenishment, INTEK POST WORKOUT EVOLUTION is the pinnacle of recovery supplementation. If you’re tired of asking yourself the complex question, ?what do I need to take after I?m done working out to fully replenish what I’ve lost and start building lean muscle. The answer is here. Welcome to the evolution of protein shakes. What normally would take 6-7 different supplements to accomplish, INTEK POST WORKOUT EVOLUTION does it all in one serving. Best of all, there is no added fat or cholesterol to weigh you down, AND YOU’LL SWEAR YOU WERE DRINKING A TROPICAL DESSERT!

INTEK brings you recovery supplementation at its best in POST WORKOUT EVOLUTION. Whereas most protein shakes today supplement a low grade whey protein and if you?re lucky, added amino acids, INTEK POST WORKOUT EVOLUTION combines what would normally take a host of separate supplements to accomplish, all in one serving. To start the evolution of new muscle and ultimate recovery, over 20 grams of high-grade whey protein isolate and essential amino acids are added to fast track anabolic fuel directly into your muscles after a workout. Instead of stopping there like ?any other shake, INTEK POST WORKOUT EVOLUTION lives up to its name and gives you a truly evolutionary blend of ingredients for maximum lean muscle gains. With over 30 grams of all natural evaporated cane juice and complex carbohydrates, insulin is spiked and glycogen is replenished. INTEK takes it one step further and throws in L-Glutamine, BCAA-AKG, and L-Taurine to accelerate muscle recovery, prevent muscle catabolism and to help create an anabolic environment. For increased lean muscle gains and no backtracking, Kre-Alkalyn is used to replenish muscle ATP and trigger new cell growth. After tough workouts, a stress-induced hormone called cortisol is elevated and can hinder muscle development and growth, therefore phosphatidylserine, antioxidants and free radical scavengers were added to prevent this catabolic hormone from wasting your workouts and helping to ensure optimal recovery. To further aid in complete recovery the herbal anabolic agent Cissus Quadrangularis has been included to top things off. BEST OF ALL THERE ARE NO UNNECESSARY FATS TO IMPEDE ABSORPTION, SO ALL YOU ARE LEFT WITH IS THE BEST TASTING SHAKE ON THE MARKET THAT ENSURES COMPLETE AND EVOLUTIONARY RECOVERY.